Ireland in the Twentieth Century

The Model is delighted to present an exhibition, drawn from the Niland Collection entitled Ireland in the Twentieth Century. The exhibition looks at changes in Irish social and political life throughout this turbulent century. The show will look at the political awakening of the masses in the early part of

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Production Still From The Tunnel

Omar Fast: The Tunnel

The Model is transformed into The Tunnel by Omer Fast, where three art installations inhabit The Model building. The first inhabits the atrium, and is an intervention by the artist that is associable with his new film project, 5000 Feet is the Best. The Model co-commissioned this film, which is

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Harun Farocki: Recognition And Tracking

Harun Farocki; Recognition and Tracking

With Harun Farocki, The Model presents a filmmaker and artist whose work has had a strong influence on the history of the political film since the late 1960s. His great importance to the visual arts is reflected not only in the retrospectives of his films at institutions like Tate Modern

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Guido Van Der Werve: Minor Pieces

Guido van der Werve: Minor Pieces

The Model presents Minor Pieces, a solo exhibition by Dutch artist Guido van der Werve featuring two film works and a series of related photographs. The title of the exhibition is a reference to the game of chess which plays a key role in one of van der Werve’s film

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Gracelands ‘I’m Spartacus’

Presented in association with The Model, Gracelands is an outdoor art event that takes place over a single day, situated on the site of the Mimetic House. Now in its third year, it features an unfolding exhibition of performance, sculpture, lectures and screenings from mid afternoon to late night. The

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Seamus Nolan Trades Club Revival

Seamus Nolan: Trades Club Revival

For more than 100 years the Trades Club was the home of a vibrant and self-determined organisation. Operating successfully thanks to generations of voluntary management, the club provided a vital social service for its many members. However the premises at Number 2, Castle Street fell into in a poor state

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