Open Call Invitation To Participate

Lost & Found, a sound art project with artist Cathal Roche

In all this confusion, how do we find the forgotten? how does the new find us?


The Lost & Found project offers group, solo and private platforms for individuals to share their spoken thoughts through a community sound art work which will evolve over the next 12 months.  Artist Cathal Roche will facilitate a series of 4 x1 hour round table discussions, collect solo interviews on-site by arrangement, and gather private submissions through an online repository, all on the theme of ‘lost and found in lockdown’.

Spatial sound recordings of the discussions, voices of individuals passing through, and isolated anonymous Sligo callers will coalesce in a sonic patchwork of togetherness, with distanced voices, and the more isolated; brought into conversation within a large sound installation-performance event for Cairde Sligo Arts Festival 2022.

Individuals, friends, or small groups interested in participating in the project can contact the artist here:


There are 3 ways you can elect to become part of Lost & Found:

(a) Book a seat at a Round Table discussion

During Cairde Arts Festival, the artist will be hosting 4 round table afternoon discussions on-site at 2pm. These will run in the black box at the Model on the following dates:

Table 1:  Tuesday 6th July, 2pm.

Table 2: Wednesday 7th July, 2pm.

Table 3: Thursday 8th July, 2pm.

Table 4: Friday 9th July, 2pm.

Typically, round table events consist of a moderator, invited speakers as well as questions from a seated audience, Lost and Found discussions will be more private and informal, consisting only of 6 individuals safely distanced and on equal footing, drawn randomly from a pool of volunteers and brought into a conversation of undetermined direction.

You can also contribute by booking a round table for yourself and 5 friends and hosting your own meet-up for recording purposes.  If you would like to reopen your home to visitors to host your own round table for friends, a free visiting mobile recording service can be arranged with the artist.

Note: Round tables will be audio recorded for use in the sound installation only and will not be shared on social media.

(b) Talk to the artist

From June 23rd June Cathal will be onsite recording audio of brief conversations with visitors to The Model. If you’d like to be sure to catch him or to arrange a longer spoken contribution you can make contact to arrange this with him in advance of your visit.

(c) Submit your voice anonymously 

If it helps to speak more privately you can still contribute your voice to the project.. just visit the link below and use your smartphone or computer to anonymously record a 5 minute (or less) voice message describing what you feel you may have lost or found during lockdown.  The Lost & Found Speech Archive will remain open until September ’21

To record and submit a recording now please visit and tap the purple ribbon to speak.

Lost & Found is a Whispering Gallery Project by sound artist-composer Cathal Roche made possible through the support of the Arts Council of Ireland’s Music Project Award 2020, with additional support from The Model, Sligo.

Create and The Model Artist Residency Award: Open Call

Create and The Model invite expressions of interest for an Artist Residency award from collaborative socially engaged artists who have first-hand experience of displacement and/or are shaped by histories of intergenerational migration. For this residency, candidates may or may not self-identify as refugee, migrant or otherwise through lived experience and/or second generational memories.

The residency takes place at The Model in Sligo and provides opportunities for research, exchange, networking, and learning and is aimed at a professional artist who is interested in developing or consolidating their collaborative/ socially engaged arts practice. The residency runs over four weeks in September 2021.

The residency is funded through the Arts Council of Ireland’s Artist in the Community Scheme, which is managed by Create. It is supported by Sligo Arts Office and is offered through a partnership between Create and The Model. Artists must be based in the Republic of Ireland to be eligible for this opportunity. Expressions of Interest are due before the 28th June, 5pm

Please be aware that, at all times, Create and its partners are following public health guidelines to protect their staff and the artists, organisations and communities we serve. As the situation regarding COVID-19 and working practices evolve, this may mean changes to our planned work. Any changes will be circulated through our website and social media.

Please visit to apply. 


Volunteer Scheme

The Model is looking for enthusiastic people who have a few hours to spare each week to join The Model’s volunteer scheme.

If you are interested in meeting people, getting a better understanding and experience of the arts and would like to make a worthwhile contribution to Sligo’s cultural life, The Model would love to hear from you.

Click here for more information on the role of the The Model invigilator.

Click here to download a volunteer application form

Please contact:

The Model is delighted to partner with Sligo Volunteer Centre for the recruitment of volunteers to our Get Involved programme.



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