The Model Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

The Model, home of The Niland Collection is open to everyone. We aim to bring people of all backgrounds together with high quality and transformative work by artists in an atmosphere of friendship and respect. We care deeply about becoming more culturally diverse, in terms of our programmes, audiences, artists, staff and board of directors; and we commit to continuing to engage, listen and learn, and be pro-active in shaping an inclusive and representative future. Our ambition is to reflect contemporary society and to bring all peoples closer to art, and in this we will be guided by guided by the Arts Council’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

We absolutely commit to treat every visitor, staff member, tenant and service user and contractor equally, regardless of their age, ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, ethnicity, pregnancy or maternity, membership of the Travelling Community, family status, civil status or socio-economic status. Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise offensive and inflammatory remarks and behaviour are not acceptable. These constitute harassment, and have no place at The Model.



We aim to ensure that our building is fully accessible, as a charity limited by available public funding, we do this under the guidance of our Board of Directors and in partnership with Sligo County Council who own our building.


Staff & Board 

The Model strives to be an inclusive employer in the Arts and Cultural Community and will seek to accommodate diversity in employment and our artistic programme where practicable. We also strive to have voices that represent different communities at the table of our Board of Directors.


Strategic Plan 

The Model is currently writing a new Strategic Plan (2024-2028) and will commit to enshrine these values of inclusion and the celebration of diversity in this plan. 


Dealing with discrimination and harassment

If any of our audiences, artists, staff or board of directors feels they have been discriminated against by The Model or harassed at any of our events they should raise this with the Director via the email, who will deal with these complaints or concerns in line with The Model’s Policies and Procedures Handbook.



This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by –

Designated Liaison 1:   Marie-Louise Blaney, Education Curator.

Contact:  / 071 91 41405 

Designated Liaison 2:  Emer McGarry, Director

Contact:   / 071 91 41405

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