The Model, home of The Niland Collection, is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary arts centres.  If you are looking for a beautiful venue to host an event, The Model is the perfect location. Situated in the heart of Sligo, the Model has both the facilities and experience to cater for any type of event; from music and artistic performances, to cinema screenings, launches, conferences, seminars and workshops.

The Model is now also available for weddings! It’s the perfect bespoke location for your special day. Our Operations Coordinator and our Building & Technical Manager will be able to assist you every step of the way to ensure that your event runs without a hitch and just as you had imagined.

With easy access to car parking, and only a few minutes walk to Sligo City centre, our galleries are an ideal space to enjoy your free time.  A wide selection of delicious food is also available from The Gallery Café, located in the central Atrium space.

The Model has a range of different spaces for hire, which are outlined below:

The Atrium The Model Atrium

The Model Atrium is a bright and airy room, featuring original stone walls, high ceilings and skylights. It is perfect for networking events, launches, smaller scale performances and intimate ceremonies.

The venue is amazing. The minute we both walked in we thought, “Yes, this is it.” We wanted something different, a break from the normal hotel wedding. We looked at a few different venues but none had the character like The Model. The Model has so many beautiful spaces and the potential to create something magical. We found every time we returned to the venue we saw something new which excited us. Not only is The Model amazing but the staff were also amazing.  Fiona and her team went above and beyond in helping us create a wonderful wedding.
- Ronan and Aileen O’Grady


The Model Foyer The Model Foyer

Situated just off the Mall, The Model Foyer is the perfect spot for networking events, displays, launches and catered functions.

Career Zoo held its Autumn 2018 event at The Model, Sligo. The venue itself is stunning, however it was the team, led by Fiona, that made the event such a success. From our initial meeting with Fiona we found her to be extremely helpful, flexible, professional, friendly, very obliging, and an absolute pleasure to work with. It was the best experience that we have had dealing with a venue over all of our events; nothing was a problem and the team were fantastic. We hope to work with Fiona and The Model again in the future and would have no hesitation recommending the venue.
- Jackie, Career Zoo

The Model Theatre The Model Theatre

The Model is pleased to offer a versatile black box performance space with full-sized movie screen.  The Model’s tiered seating also retracts, transforming the space into a large room, suitable for a dancefloor or conference facilities.

50:50 Northwest hired the Model’s Black Box Theatre to host our day-long event: How Far Have We Come: 100 Years of Women’s Votes.  The Model was the perfect venue for this event and the Theatre met all our needs, from video screenings, to panel discussions and short performances.  The acoustics in The Theatre are perfect and the support from The Model’s technical team was first class. The Model Cafe easily met the needs of 200 hungry delegates, at registration and lunchtime. We received an enormous amount of positive feedback about this event, and a lot of that was down to The Model’s fabulous venue and helpful, friendly staff.
- Noirin, 50:50 Northwest

The Education Room The Education Room

A perfectly proportioned space located in the original (1860’s) part of the building, the Model’s Education Room is perfect for break out sessions, small scale performances, dance classes, networking events and artistic workshops.

'The Model is the perfect venue for my workshops. Striking the perfect balance between stimulation and relaxation, it provides everything myself and my students could possibly need from a big, light-filled teaching space to  their in-house world class  art collection, excellent exhibitions and great parking and cafe on site! The staff are accomodating, helpful and savvy. I look forward to teaching at The Model again this year and for many years to come.’
- Cora Murphy, Landscape Artist

The Media Room The Media Room

The Media Room is the perfect facility for anyone looking to host events, conferences or meetings.  Another bright and welcoming space, the Media room best suits small group activities or educational classes.

  1. Administration and Charges


1.1 The Model is prepared to offer facilities for functions to be held within specified spaces at The Mall, Sligo.  The Model displays world-class contemporary art, the safety of which is of paramount importance, as is the building in which it is exhibited. Application for use of spaces for functions will be accepted only if functions and events are considered reasonable and appropriate for the Model as a venue. The Model reserves the right at its absolute discretion to refuse any application for hire.

1.2 If the application is accepted, private hirers must sign and return the Model's Venue Hire Agreement and pay a 50% deposit for the booking to be confirmed. Private hirers must pay the whole of the balance of the hire charge in cleared funds 7 working days in advance of the date on which the hiring is to take place and if the balance is not paid by the required date the reservation will be void and the deposit forfeited and the Model may require the whole or part of the balance to be paid forthwith by the Hirer as liquidated damages and not as a penalty.

Those placing bookings (the Hirer) must fully and fairly represent the purpose for which the venue is being hired. The signed Venue Hire Agreement constitutes acceptance of the Model's "Terms and Conditions for Hire of The Model’s premises.

1.3 An individual over the age of 18 must sign the contract. S/he must be present throughout the event and is responsible for ensuring that all sub-contractors, suppliers and others involved in the letting are aware of and comply with the terms and conditions of the hire.

1.4 Bookings by persons under 18 years will not be permitted.

1.5 If the Hirer is acting as an agent, the Hirer must declare the name of the client for whom he is acting and the nature of that client’s business. Any misrepresentation may result in cancellation of the function/event at any time by the Model with forfeiture of the deposit. Under no circumstances may the Hirer sub-let or further offer for hire any of the premises booked. Bookings will only be accepted from persons or organisations that are using the premises. No block bookings will be accepted from agents or catering companies on behalf of others.

1.6 The Hirer must appoint their own authorised officer to deal with all enquiries and any emergencies that may arise before, during or after any function or event. The Model will nominate its Operations Coordinator to represent it for the purposes of this hire and who will be the Hirer’s main contact at the Model.

1.7 The full cost of opening the Model, including the hire fee and associated staffing costs, must be met by the Hirer.  The fee will normally be charged on the basis of the Model space(s) occupied and the duration of event.

1.8 The Model reserves the right to reduce or waive the facility hire fee for partner organisations or for functions for the benefit of the Gallery.

1.9 Under no circumstances may the function or tickets sales be advertised to the general public in national or local circulation papers or magazines, or in posters or handbills, without the prior approval in writing of the Model.

1.10 Hirers should note, except with prior written approval,  the front doors will be closed at the standard closing times as advertised on The Model’s website.

1.11 The charges for the hire of the venue and individual spaces are liable to change. Charges payable will be those in force at the date of signing the


Venue Hire Agreement. A confirmation deposit of 50% of the total hire charge must be received on signature of the Venue Hire Agreement unless the full charge is payable, or The Model otherwise agrees that a purchase order is acceptable.

1.12 An additional damages deposit may be payable, to be returned [within 28 days] if the venue and equipment have not been damaged and have been left in a clean condition. If the venue has been damaged or left in a dirty condition, or additional hire charges, including time charges, have been incurred, an appropriate amount at the discretion of the Model will be deducted from the deposit and the balance returned to the Hirer.

1.13 Save to the extent that the Model may be indemnified by insurance, the Hirer is obliged to indemnify and keep the Model indemnified in all respects from and against all actions proceeding damages, losses, costs and expenses arising out of the use of the premises for the event or any other liability arising in any way from the Venue Hire Agreement or any breach of any of the obligations on the part of the Hirer in it or the exercise or purported exercise of the permission given in the Venue Hire Agreement.


  1. Cancelled Bookings


2.1 Notification of cancelled bookings must be made in writing to the Model. Where the Hirer gives four weeks’ notice or more of his/her desire to surrender their booking of the premises, every reasonable effort will be made to re-let the premises. If the premises are re-let, the Hirer shall be entitled to receive from the Model the full amount of the payment made to the Model less administration charges. In the event of the premises not being re-let, the Hirer may forfeit the payment made. Where less than four week’s notice or no notice is given, and the engagement is not fulfilled, the Hirer will be liable to pay the full charges.

2.2 The Model shall not be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience whatsoever sustained due to any failure of supply of electricity, leakage of water, break down of machinery, fire, government restriction or act of God which may cause the premises of the Model to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled.


3.  Equipment and Catering


3.1 Due to the unique nature of the exhibitions and the Model as a venue, it has been necessary to ensure that any supplier fully respects the delicate nature of the exhibits, for this reason you may be required to choose one of the suppliers who bring equipment into the Model from our approved list. The contract between the Model and the Hirer is limited to the hire of the Model. The Model will not accept responsibility for the performance of services outside the hire of the Model.

3.2 Unless agreed to by The Model in writing, all Catering must be arranged separately through the Model’s approved caterer, The Model Café. No food or drink, alcoholic or otherwise, may be brought into the Model without the prior consent of the Model’s Operations Coordinator.

3.3 The time agreed on the Venue Hire Agreement at which the event must finish must be strictly adhered to. All guests must have left the Model premises by that time. The Model reserves the right to charge, on a pro-rata basis, for every fifteen minutes guests remain in The Model after the allocated time.

3.4 Naked flames and gas bottles are not permitted in any part of the Galleries, except by special arrangement, agreed in writing, with the Model. Red wine or coloured drinks are not permitted at standing receptions in the exhibition spaces at the Model.

3.5 No drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, or glassware may be taken outside of the areas agreed in the Venue Hire Agreement or removed from the premises.

3.6 Any alterations to the layout or appearance of any room must be discussed in advance with events staff.

3.7 No equipment brought by the Hirer or its sub-contractors may be connected to equipment belonging to the Model unless approved by the Model’s Building Manager or Operations Coordinator, via the events staff.

3.8 Any equipment brought into the Model must have been tested in accordance to the Health and Safety regulations. An up-to-date certificate must be provided.

3.9 No adjustments may be made to the venue’s lighting without permission from the venue.


  1. Music and Entertainment


4.1 The Hirer shall ensure that music provided shall not cause a nuisance to nearby residents or occupiers of the building or adjacent buildings and any form of amplification shall be controlled by the Hirer to prevent such nuisance. Any specified maximum volume or level of sound for music or other entertainment must be strictly adhered to. The Model reserves the right to lower the volume of any music, and/or, to switch it off completely if requests to keep it at an acceptable level are breached.

4.2 Any musicians employed by the Hirer must complete the relevant PRS documentation.

4.3 The Hirer must specifically agree with the Model the precise type of entertainment to be provided (e.g. music and any cabaret or similar entertainment).

4.4 The Model Gallery spaces are not available to hire for exhibitions by groups or individuals.

4.5  As The Model is a publicly funded arts institution, The Model is not able to hold private exhibitions or present any form of artwork that is not part of its own public programme decided by The Model’s team of Curators. The Model also reserves the right to refuse hires which are closely associated with the programme of exhibitions and events. This includes but is not limited to exhibitions and displays, live set music events, DJ sets, theatre or performance, poetry and writing, craft and educational workshops, film screenings and discussions or talks relating to arts and culture.

4.6 The Model does not offer venue hire for celebratory events or parties for those aged between 15 and 21years at the time the booking is made. If it transpires that the primary or secondary purpose of the hire is a celebratory event or party for persons between the ages 15 and 21 years (inclusive), the Model reserves the right to terminate the booking.


  1. Observation of the Law


5.1 The Hirer must observe all relevant statutes and all regulations, by-laws or other laws applicable to the hiring. The Hirer will diligently fulfill all duties or obligations imposed by the law and will indemnify the Model, its officers and servants against any breach thereof.

5.2 Events involving the sale of alcohol must finish at 12.30pm at the latest unless a late licence has been granted .

The bar will close half an hour before the end of the event. Any music must stop 20 minutes before the event is to end.

5.3 No race nights, bingo or any other forms of gambling will be permitted or suffered at any time during the hiring.

5.4 The Model reserves the right to check the identity of guests consuming alcohol on the premises. The Model reserves the right to refuse to serve individuals who are not behaving in a seemly manner.


6.  Health and Safety


6.1 Children must be supervised at all times by parents or accompanying adults.

6.2 Smoking is not permitted in any part of The Model.

6.3 The Hirer and his/her representatives must adhere to the Model’s health and safety procedures at all times.


  1. Insurance


7.1 The Model does not accept responsibility for any property or article placed or left on the premises by a Hirer, or by any person for the use of the Hire, or by any person who is on the premises by the consent of the Hirer.

7.2 The Hirer will be responsible for the security and insurance of his/her works, products and equipment on the premises.

7.3 The Hirer may be responsible for arranging Public Liability Insurance, where necessary, valid at the time of the event for a minimum cover of €5,000,000 and for providing the Model with a copy of such insurance in advance of the event. Failing this, the Model reserves the right to cancel the event.


  1. Capacity


8.1 Hirers must ensure that the number of guests is as stated in the contract, including hire organisers and any other staff brought in by hirers.


  1. Security


9.1 The Model reserves the right for their representatives to be present in the Model during the hire period and for Model employees to ward the areas in use. A member of the Hirer’s organisation should be on hand in the front entrance to identify guests.

9.2 The Hirer must take instructions from the Model’s staff who will assume full control and responsibility for procedures, including, where appropriate, evacuation procedures in the event of his or her perception that any security matter, including bomb, fire, or the behaviour of those attending events, warrants such control and implementation of procedure.

9.3 Should the Model deem it necessary for a member of security to be present for the events in the Model it will be stated on the Venue Hire Agreement. Any additional charge for this security will be agreed in writing with the Hirer in advance of the event.

9.4 The Hirer will be responsible for keeping proper order and shall ensure that all persons attending the event shall behave safely and comply with any instructions they may receive from the Model staff and security personnel.

9.5 The Hirer, and all persons employed or associated with the Hirer, should not arrive before the Event start time unless by prior written arrangement with the Model. On arrival, the Hirer should report to the Model’s entrance. Names and contact numbers are to be provided in advance.

9.6 Copies of any invitation card and a guest list must be sent to the Model prior to the event. Should the invitation show The Model’s logo or images, a proof must be approved by the Model.

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