Inside Out is a new alternative online programme, where people of all ages can learn more about art and artists from their homes. As part of this exciting initiative, we will present a range of creative activities for children on our website each week. These exercises will have a special focus on the Yeats Family and their spirit of creative collaboration, from printing and making magazines together, to miniature theatre and illustrating one another’s work.

Over the coming weeks, we will present intergenerational activities that children and grandparents can undertake together while they are apart. We will enhance our Niland Collection online database with more works, texts and audio descriptions, and we will use this time to look back at some of our critically acclaimed shows over the last five years.

Join us for The Model: Inside Out and explore the many different ways you can continue to learn about, experience and make art through our online activities. Don’t forget to share your artwork on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels.

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