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Jack Butler Yeats (1971 – 1957) grew up in Sligo, in the care of his maternal grandparents Elizabeth & William Pollexfen. From an early age the young artist was steeped in the rich sea-faring culture of the area, where the ocean connected a small town on Europe’s western periphery with the enigmatic outside world. Throughout Yeats long career as an artist, this fascination with the drama and mystique of the ocean remained a constant amongst his many abiding artistic themes.⁠
One of the Make and Create activities on our website encourages children to 'Make Your Own Pirate Map' inspired by A chart of Pirate Island by Yeats Jack B. Yeats. Link in bio.⁠
Photo credit: Daniel Paul McDonald ⁠
Jack Butler Yeats’ own collection of model boats were generously gifted to The Model in 2018 by a private donor, and were conserved thanks to support from the Heritage Council in 2020.⁠
We are delighted to have them on display for the first time as part of Salt Water Ballads to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Jack Butler Yeats in his home town of Sligo. ⁠
Opening hours are Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm.

Photo by Daniel Paul MacDonald
W.B. Yeats reading in the Garden, 
Bedford Park, c.1889 by John Butler Yeats (1839-1922)
oil on canvas
46cm x 61cm
The Niland Collection, on loan from a private collector

In celebration of Yeats Day 
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We are delighted to present our sumnmer programme of exhibitions, events, childrens activities, adult classes, a cinema programme and music residency.⁠
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Alison Pilkington⁠
Sculpture That Will Never Get Made, 2019
oil on canvas
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Salt Water Ballads gives audiences the chance to view for the first time, the tiny figure of Theodore, which was discovered during the conservation process stowed into one of the Model boats. 😍

Opening hours are Tue. - Sat. 11am - 5pm.

Admission is free and there is no need to book. 

#themodelreopens #saltwaterballads 

Photo by Daniel Paul McDonald
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