Young Model visit Dublin Contemporary

At 7 o’clock this morning, it was still pitch dark, it was raining, there was absolutely no traffic on the roads and the Young Model were going to Dublin Contemporary again.

After stopping in just about every town in Ireland we eventually arrived in Dublin’s bus station. We taxied over to Dublin Contemporary mid eighteenth century building once home to UCD and adjoining . The National Concert Hall

We would be meeting the groups from Dublin Contemporary and The Butler Gallery Kilkenny , but in the meantime we checked out some of the legal graffiti walls.

After a while the Dublin group arrived, we awkwardly introduced ourselves over a cup of tea before each group did a 15 minute presentation in one of their lecture rooms.

The Dublin group went first; a flawless, structured, practiced presentation followed by none other than Sligo’s very own, hailing from the Young Model Oisin and Kevin.

While their presentation wasn’t perfect it was at least funny,at most interesting or “sexy” as Cormac would say.

After the Kilkenny group (who came fashionably late) conducted their presentation we meet with Jota Castro Lead Curator of Dublin Contemporary who talked about his work . This is it below.

We walked upstairs and were shown around by the Dublin group after our tour we soon found ourselves and the other groups in a pre-school function room, which was the only room available for light refreshments and Tea.

The one and only Wacky (Karl) gave us a constant source of entertainment throughout the day. After our tea we dosed off and went up to a piece by Wang Du. One thing that I thought was good at D.C was how most of the pieces were interactive. Visitors to Dublin Contemporary can actually jump, walk or run on this giant cradle which is roughly the size of a basketball court. Newspaper designs are printed onto its sheets and pillows and international news broadcasts are shown on TV’s hanging from the ceiling.

We learned that the idea of it is how the western world neglect acting on global issues like war, poverty and human rights disasters which they see so often in the media that they are oblivious to it; this is to do with DC theme of “terrible beauty.”

We left just as the seven presidential candidates were about to make an appearance. Although Kevin was almost reduced to tears when he heard we would not get a chance to see Dana we did however get free SpunOut bags and pencils. We stopped at Subway before we got the bus and now here I am on the bus writing this blog.

Ciao for now,
Young Model