Cranmore children prepare for The Model sleepover

This project started two weeks ago on the 20th of September. It involves the children of Cranmore (ages range from 7-10). We introduced the children to different forms of art. I started on the 2nd week of the project where the task was to find as many different textures and materials on the way to the model gallery from Cranmore. We also watched a short film called the Lost Thing which the kids found very amusing.

This week we got them to design their own lost thing, either with collage/sculpting, drawing or painting. They had the choice to move around to which ever table they like. The kids especially enjoyed the collage/sculpting table. Hannah made a lovely 3D sculpture of her lost thing. I asked her questions about it and she told me “it lives where the other lost things live in the movie”
The children show so much enthusiasm with this project, and all the tables were busy.

The two boys out of the group Louis and Kieran loved sculpting; Kieran made a robotic lost thing and told me “the idea was in my head”
Louis made a lost thing he said “had a beard like Santa” Paula and Rebecca decided to make a photo guide of the last week walk from the picture they took themselves.

The kids have been amazing and I love working with them, Naomi and Lara. Their excitement and love for art is so heart warming. I am looking forward to the next few weeks especially the sleepover on the fifth of November where the children in the Cranmore group will get to meet the other group.

Katie Lynch
Transition Year Student

This project is supported by The International Fund for Ireland.