Research Project for Community Development in Sligo

WochenKlausur, a group of artists from Austria, will be in Sligo from April 28th(yesterday) until May 6th to focus on a community development project. These artists were invited by The Model for its May re-opening to produce a Sligo-specific project. As a result, WochenKlausur chose to identify and help remedy local community issues. They have since invited ten Sligo-based experts for design, engineering, social work, architecture, urban planning, and sociology to participate. The whole process will be discussed at a kick-off meeting at The Model, Sligo on April 29th at 6 pm.

At the project’s conclusion on May 5th, at 6 pm, the participants will present the final results to local government and representatives of the media at The Model.

Founded in 1993, WochenKlausur has been invited by different institutions around the world to develop proposals for small, but nevertheless effective improvements to socio-political deficiencies. These proposals are often then enacted into some form of positive community result. Since commencing, WochenKlausur has conducted thirty of these community-based projects all across Europe, the US and Japan.

If you feel you could contribute to this meeting please email Denise on deniserushe(at)modelartdotie (replacing the at for @ and dot for .)

For more on Wochenklauser please visit their website

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