Getting to The Model

We’re now less than 24 hours away from reopening the doors of the brand new Model. We’ve put together a few notes on the best way to get you here, via our new entrance on Connaughton Road.

The simplest way to access The Model is through the Connaughton Rd car-parks which are well sign-posted around Sligo. The one on the highest part of Connaughton Road will bring you the closest to the entrance. Car Parking is metered at a daily rate of €2.50 (payable by coin or credit card). After 6.30pm there are no parking charges. From the Car Park you can clearly see the new Model facade/entrance.

The Mall door will not be in operation but you can still access The Model via The Mall the weekend. Once you ascend the steps to The Model you will have to take a right around the building and follow some more steps up on the right hand side until you reach the new facade/entrance.

When the restuarant is fully installed, The Mall entrance will be reopened during restaurant opening hours.

There are also two free wheelchair accessible spaces in the car parks on Connaughton Road.

If you need any more information please just give us a call here at The Model on 071 91 41405