The first Critical Run kicks off events The Model

We’re not open quite yet, but the first events as part of Dorm kicked off this afternoon with a Critical Run with Danish Artist Thierry Geoffroy.

This run was for local artists and we had a great turn out, especially from the fine art department, lecturers included, from IT Sligo. The discussion for this run was “Are art institutions so successful they no longer serve their local artists” …. a very vibrant debate!

The run ended at IT Sligo where participants went on to attend ‘Becoming Dutch: A model of future museum practice’ art lecture.

Thierry has kindly offered one wall of his booth space at Dorm to local artists to showcase ‘Emergency Art’, and has put out his offer via his very proactive Facebook page. Please take note that Thierry will be moderating applications for this.

“Don’t exhibit recycled flea market art to which you want to give visibility , but what you truly found made you jump that day as emergency to point to. The most pertinent work that can latter have an impact will stay and the penetration wall will enter the domain of the delay for the rest of the period.”

You can find full details on the event page on facebook.

More pictures from today’s run on our flickr account

The next Critical Run takes place this evening at 5.50pm, meeting at Doorly Park and is for everyone.

Runners at the ready..