How did Andy Warhol do it?

Wolf on Arm

How did Andy Warhol do it? The Factory idea of multi-disciplinary collaboration is an inspiring one, and Wolf an arm has set out from the start to emulate it, in its own more modest way. The challenge for me is developing a consistent body of work while at the same time responding in a meaningful way to the varied events taking place in the space.

In this context I have adapted my working methods, assembling and then de assembling sculptures and working on sets of small scale paintings. Rather than bring a load of new materials in to fill the space I am working with found materials for the sculptures and drastically reworking some older paintings instead of making new supports. This decision not to use new materials is also a position I have decided to take about sustainability – I dont want to make too much ‘stuff’. It’s cheap too.

Wolf Landscape for ALT Sligo

For this weeks upcoming ALT Sligo gig I have created a giant landscape backdrop using recycled card. My idea was for it to be temporary, but I like it so much I might let it creep across the whole space like ivy. In a way I guess this demonstrates how the Factory idea can work; in responding to external events I have made something I didnt plan to – which has turned into something I kinda like.

– Andy Parsons –

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