Young Model Graffiti Film Clip

We were lucky to have a very talented volunteer (David Parle) donate his time to Young Model at Wolfetone Pharmacy last week. Here David recounts that experience and posts a clip of the Graffiti workshop that he’s edited together.
I think we all experienced a strong sense of creative process in the week.

From my own experience in teaching, “process” is one of the hardest things for pupils to become aware of and develop in their own work . You develop your own individual process in time. Its definitely a very personal journey. In collaboration there are other peoples intentions to factor into the equation. So well done guys!

There was an appropriate balance between the practicising artists advising and taking a bit of a lead where necessary, then stepping back to allow the participants to make and direct the work. We had a last minute scramble to finish one half completed board and I was pleased to get to use spray paints for the first time. That day flew by!

Making this first link with the Niland as a volunteer has been a great experience and i hope to attend more workshops soon as both a participant and to continue working with younger artists.