Young Model’s Dublin Gallery Day

Aengus woke up this morning, ate a banana and a Weetabix and packed something for his lunch. He likes bananas. Linda soon came to get him in her snazzy Smartcar, as Aengus is pathologically unable to be on time. It’s really not his fault.

Arriving at Sligo Train Station, they were soon met by Andy and Carolyn to get the 9am train to Dublin; a research trip for the Young Model Delia boarded at Boyle and Aengus proudly (but modestly) displayed his banana holster. The others were suitably impressed by his practicality and ingenuity.

In the spirit of the moment, Delia reached under the table and pulled off one of her shoes. She explained to us how she had sat up all night carefully stitching the sole back onto the shoe and in the process stabbing herself in leg. She then put her shoe back under the table and never saw it again.

As we approached Connolly Station Delia, feeling a tingle in her toes, realised much to her annoyance that her shoe was missing and quickly alerted the authorities. Although they searched high and low the shoe was nowhere to be found.Everyone was very nice about it and the man sitting opposite us even commented on how nice her shoes were and how he thought they were Gucci.

Carolyn generously lent Delia a pair of socks due to the lack of a second shoe and Linda pulled out a spare pair of shoes, which she had conveniently packed that morning.

Carolyn and the gang then stood at the Luas station while Linda and Andy bought tickets. Carolyn commented on how lovely the man on the train was. The plot requires that we hurry the story on a little so cutting forward a minute or 20…Carolyn has arrived at IMMA , The Irish Museum of Modern Art with the rest of the group in tow. Aengus requested some ‘jazzy’ exclamation marks, so here they are!!!!!! (even though Aoife will kill us for putting them in!!)

Aengus also entered the IMMA courtyard with mild fascination, as the building was a hospital in a previous life. Also he and the others were going to meet the sixth of their party, Colm who had traveled from Cork that morning to join us. Aengus discovered that Colm was from Waterford and numerous other facts concerning his life and cross-country devotion to art.

Carlos Garaicoa

They all entered the Irish Museum of Modern Art and proceeded to view the galleries. Aengus enjoyed the experience immensely taking in many exhibits, sculptures made from books by Carlos Garaicoa , Ferran Garcia Sevilla who dabbles in colourful circles, arrows, hands and feet, and some amazing drawing by Patrick Hall which were part of the Recent Acquisitions to the IMMA Collection . (YM interviewed Patrick a while ago and we’ll have his interview online soon)

Patrick Hall

Next on the agenda was a trip to The Project Arts Centre to see the KING RAT exhibition. Colm knew his way through Temple Bar like a fish in water and he and the others were soon entering the building.