Young Model visits Ballymena

Young Model (YM) visit Ballymena and begin their newest project Young Curators

Andy: YM facilitator (arty)
Pádraig: Probably the coolest bus driver in the world
Aengus: Cameraman extraordinaire (likes maths)
Oisín: All round technical whiz (Ramones fan)
Colm: Seasoned traveler and artiste
Yasmin + Carolyn: Total messers
Linda: Boss Lady (brings us nice places)

The Scene: It’s 9am on a Monday YM and Co are on the bus; destination Ballymena, Braid The Mid-Antrim Museum. The Cool Wall (taken from the BBC’s Top Gear) is also present, we know this because on sharp corners you can hear it clanking. Everyone is mondo excited about the trip, Linda and Andy have to fight to conceal their excitement. Occasionally Pádraig says something funny.

2.5 hours later the bus stops. The young of Young Model stop chatting to see Andy exit the bus and run away inexplicably. It soon becomes apparent that they are slightly lost. Soon though, back on track, they arrive in Ballymena and enter the Museum.

Everybody is eating sandwiches in the workshop room. They then set up the Cool Wall for use and meet the facilitator of the corresponding group. After discussing the project briefly YM get a tour of the Braid which holds a huge amount of fascinating objects ranging from the early 20th century to modern day and tell the story of the local area throughout two world wars and the troubles.

The group then get a tour of the entire Braid Collection in the climate controlled basement, but they are unfazed by this VIP access as they’re accustomed to seeing behind the scenes at The Model 🙂 Among the wired and wonderful items are wireless radios, gas masks, flags, tea towels, a cannonball and an assortment of irons.

On the way to the B&B they get slightly lost, Pádraig stops to get directions but nobody he asks seems to speak English. After a bit of guess work we arrive at the B&B and find it extremely pleasant, well decorated and very comfortable. All very impressed. They complimentary mints are a particular favorite, Aengus “They’re chewy inside!!”

45 mins later:
Andy has left to meet with the facilitator of our exchange group. YM head out for dinner. They eat and chat and to everybody’s surprise Colm consumes an entire large pizza in a very short time. They others are very wary for the remainder of the evening in case he explodes. After some deliberation the young of YM decide to nip across to the cinema to watch Inception.

Darkness �€� 3 hrs later:
Everybody comes out of screen 3, Yasmin and Carolyn break several world records in the sprint to the bathroom. Everyone is quite amazed both at this and the movie.

(Cut to B&B) All retire, make tea, get no sleep.

Next morning:
After a strange mumbling encounter from Carolyn to Linda as she calls them for breakfast they all meet in the breakfast room and have an excellent breakfast. They’re ready to leave within an hour and stumble sleepily into the awaiting bus to travel to Sentry Hill House

On the way they saw a Lama just standing and eating grass in a field. They go back to make sure it’s real. On reaching Sentry Hill House there is a short video presentation and introduction to the story and background of the house which is followed by a guided tour. Basically it is a very well preserved house, with furniture and items of interest, one family has lived in it for centuries, the McKinneys. There is a huge collection of ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ of interest to YM’s latest project Young Curators. After a short look at the gardens and grounds, back on the bus.

(Cut to The Braid) More tea and sandwiches are being consumed. The group start to organise the Cool Wallmostly in terms of themes and are very happy with the result. Linda videos and others narrate the documentation of the wall. During all this everyone is stuffing themselves full of coffee but still struggling to stay awake. YM say their goodbyes, pack up the cool wall and get on the bus for the last time. Now mostly talking absolute solid nonsense the entire way.

Reach Sligo, leave the bits of the cool wall with a nice man in the house next to the Model and head separate ways in to the sunset, asleep on feet and thoroughly happy with the entire trip.