Touch the Sky collage party

Touch the Sky performance group invited Stravaganzato a collage party in late November, hosted at the Reverse Pedagogy exhibition, The Model Satellite. The party was facilitated by artists Mark Garry and Karl Burke. Here is what the artists had to say:

Karl Burke

This workshop was initiated as an initial introduction to a possible partnership between the The Model and the groups Stravaganza from Derry and the touch the sky group from Sligo. Mark Garry and myself were invited to facilitate a workshop in response to the show, Reverse Pedagogy.

The day began with a walk through of the show with the group touch the the group were asked to make drawings in response to the show. Each individual were then asked to pass their drawing to the next participant who would then make a response to this. A simple process of creative democracy this section lasted for an hour and a half, each finished drawing being hung on the gallery wall.

After a tea break the group returned and were asked to dismantle one of the original artworks in the show. This work was a fairy like cave constructed out of cardboard boxes. Following this we asked the group what they would like to construct with this material in response to the drawings created before the break. The group decided to make a tree and a ship and divided in to two groups to do so.

After lunch the group returned upstairs where we created a live soundtrack to one of the video works in the show. This was achieved using a number of musical instruments I have collected over the years from xylophones, marimbas and shakers to name a few. This live improvised musical performance was recorded on video along with the earlier sessions.

I fell the day ran very smoothly with the group being continually engaged with a dynamic range of creative processes from drawing and sculpture to music. The group worked extremely well together creating a number of interesting responses to the show, Reverse Pedagogy.

Mark Garry

It was a really fantastic experience for me to see how another group of artists could engage with both the reverse pedagogy concept and reverse pedagogy exhibition . I found the day to be both enlightening and liberating to see how the lack of preciousness that this model allows . I found the group to be very open minded in there approach . I sometimes find facilitating one day workshops too short, one generally has to spend a period of time gaining the trust of the group but this was not the case in this instance and I think this is partially explained by the open mindedness of this group but this aligned with the creative freedom of the rev ped model made for a genuinely creative day.