Film for School in November

In partnership with the Irish Film Institute, The Modelhas been working to broaden the potential of film in schools and to facilitate both teachers and students to engage in film as a medium to enhance curricular learning. Through November The Model screened two films at the Sligo Gaiety Cinema to full a house. Over 300 students from secondary schools in Sligo attended screening of French film Entre Les Mur (The Class) and German film Das Versprechen (The Promise). Feed back was great for both films from the students and teachers. They talked about how appropriate The Promise was in a historical sense and its pitch was just right for the students. Again this comment came from both teacher and student. Of course all teachers are really looking forward to us moving back into The Model building and really looking forward to the film for schools programme in 2010.

Here is a quote from one of the teachers whose school attended The Class:

Students really enjoyed the film and feedback is excellent. Really appreciate all your organisation. Looking forward to next year’… Carol