The Big Draw-Oh to be a Toddler!

The recent conclusion of a very special programme of workshops marked a best practice benchmark for an emerging audience of the arts. The Big Draw workshops were aimed at toddlers of two to four years of age and are set to recommence in the New Year.

Over the past ten Thursdays, parents and their eager toddlers attended morning workshops led by renowned artist Kate Wilson ( and each week explored different inlets to accessing sensory phenomenon. Feathers, dried leaves, rice, silk scarves, flour, sand, hay, paint and myriad other materials were used as catalysts for creativity. The children were inspired to be positively self aware and consciously coordinated through exercises which took place in the unique pint-sized built environments which Kate Wilson created. From ships to caves, farmyards to tea parties, the participants set out on an adventure of playful self discovery each week.

Parents were also encouraged to become involved, forging new facets to the parents/child relationship through collaborative creativity. An emphasis on reading and enacting specially selected children’s texts was empowering for the usually dependent toddlers, whilst the sheer scope and space of the Model education room invoked vociferous incarnations of freedom which normal smaller spaces just cannot instil.

These were important experiences for the young attendees, and displayed a fundamental intuition and fast ability on the part of the leading artist, Kate Wilson, without whose vision would have made for a much plainer programme. The experiences of these workshops will remain ingrained in these toddlers sense of self throughout their life and hopefully serve as positive inspiration over the course of their existence.

The workshops recommence om 3rd February 2011 and those interested should contact the Model reception on 071-9141405 or email for bookings. These workshops are free, but registration is essential.