Andy Parsons Project at the Wolfe Tone Pharmacy

The Andy Parsons Project Opens Thursday the 9th of December, 6-8pm at Wolfe Tone Pharmacy, Wolfe Tone Street, Sligo. The exhibition will be open the public on the 11- 12th Dec, from 12 to 5pm, and by appointment after that.

The Andy Parsons project is a collection of portraits of the public painted over the last three months in the Pharmacy space. It is a piece of collaboratively made work with the participants who have been brave enough to sit and be painted. The project is also an investigation into the possibilities present in reviving seemingly archaic artistic practices.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an Essay/Artists book by Glenn Holman, published by Floating World, the work will be available for download from

Artist Andy Parsons has been involved with Young Model a youth programme for 14-20 year olds at the Model since its inception. Andy brings a combination of 20 years of experience in education and expertise as an artist working in a variety of media,
including books, video, photography, critical writing, installation. Andy is currently working on a number of projects for The Model including Young Model , Young Curators and Film Making in Schools.

In the past Andy has also worked on the Model’s popular artTrap programme and contributed to our artists talks programme. Andy’s involvement in the Model’s Education programme is extensive and immeasurable. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Andy for immense contribution and his dedication to our programme.

Best of luck with your new exhibition The Andy Parsons Project at the Pharmacy which is where Young Model based their project Wolf on Arm in which Andy played a huge part in its success.

Glenn Holman has written an essay for the Andy Parsons portrait project which is published as a pdf book here

Check out this great interview with Andy on his work with Young Model by