Signs of Peace: New Billboard campaign in Sligo

A new billboard campaign is turning heads around Sligo town. The campaign is part of an ongoing project, where six organisations, including The Model, work together as the RAPID Urban Collective.

With this project, the collective took the opportunity to put the ideals and achievements of their respective organisations onto billboards in Sligo. To date, four billboards have been on display at locations around Sigo. By Wed. 10 November, the last two billboards will be in place, representing the Sligo Travellers Support Group and the Touch The Sky Performance group.

The six organistions that are part of the RAPID Urban Collective are the Sligo Education Centre, Northside Community Resource Centre, Sligo Immigrant Organistion, Sligo Travellers Support Group, Mail Coach Road Community Centre with Cranmore Community Co-operative, Touch The Sky Performance Group with The Model and RehabCare.

These Sligo based community, voluntary and statutory groups work together as the RAPID Urban Collective on many diverse community projects, which involved cross-border development work and many different and sucessfully partnerships, these diverse projects involved for each of the groups work with the local communities in Sligo, and also on cross-border projects and partnerships, which have achieved far-reaching results.

This Project has been funded by SEUPB under the Peace III Programme supported by Sligo County Council.