Nils Frahm and Rachel Grimes at The Model this Friday

This double headline concert by much praised Berlin pianist Nils Frahm and Louisville-based pianist Rachel Grimes, is part of a handpicked selection of Irish dates for the pair.

With his latest release The Bells (Erased Tapes) receiving much praise, Frahm’s neo-classical piano music is the sound of an artist to watch. He is joined here by Rachel Grimes known here for her work with indie chamber music darlings Rachels.

Their recent London show received huge critical acclaim. The great music blog Mapsadaisical recently reviewed Nils Frahm.
‘Nils Frahm is a name I’ve been seeing a lot of recently, but before this performance, I’ve never knowingly heard any of his work. I’ve spent the time since listening to little else. He seems to be one of these enormously talented young bastards (see also: Nico Muhly, Peter Broderick) capable of creating incredibly accomplished compositions, drawing as much from classical music as pop music, with enough experimental and minimalist edges to keep the likes of me interested.

In fact he got me right from the start of his solo piano performance, beginning with what my recently-acquired Frahm knowledge tells me was the piece “Said And Done” from his most recent album The Bells. Frahm’s left hand hammered away on a single note, varying only in volume, before it was joined and finally superseded by a romantic piano air. ‘
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Don’t miss the opportunity to see these amazing musicians at The Model. Tickets are €15 (€12 with concession). Email or call 071-914 1405