My Pick – Noel Corr

I picked “Mountain view” (1946) by Jack B. Yeats because Benbulbin is in the background. I climb Benbulbin a couple of times a year with some German friends. I like Benbulbin because it’s an interesting mountain. When you’re up there it’s so quiet and peaceful and you can see the whole of Sligo right around. When you stand on top of the mountain, you’re standing like a giant.

Benbulbin is famous in Sligo and I love the style of the painting, especially the old windows. It’s the old windows of years ago and you can still find them in older houses. Those windows collected moss and fallen leaves, they were the kind of windows that were around when I was a child.

I like the colours, in the painting Benbulbin is blue but when you look at it today it’s green, when “Mountain window” was painted it was overcast. When the weather changes and you can see, Benbulbin becomes a different colour.
The mountain is almost red in the sunset. I like that Jack B. Yeats captured that change of colour. It’s the type of thing you would only appreciate if you were a local.