Navá is set to return to Sligo for one night only

We are thrilled that Navá will be holding a concert here on Sat. 13 Oct. Those who attended Culture Night 2016 will fondly remember Iranian brother’s Shahab and Shayan Coohe from their arresting performance with Kaleidoscope Night at The Model. Navá, for those unfamiliar with the group, is an Irish-Persian ensemble comprised of the Coohe brothers & folk/bluegrass musicians Paddy Kiernan and Niall Hughes. Both Iran and Ireland have long musical histories interweaved into their respective cultures, and Navá effortlessly intermingles these histories, to create a whimsical genre-defying sound.

Using the Santoor (a trapezoid-shaped stringed instrument that pre-dates the duclimer and piano) and the Tar (a plucked string instrument which pre-dates the lute and guitar) the Coohe brothers create music in the great Persian tradition of improvisation and composition. The traditional music of Iran is believed to be a message, a call from the artist’s innermost consciousness. Deeply intertwined with Iran’s age-old history and culture, it is an expression of the joys, loves, sorrows, efforts and struggles of life throughout the ages. Paddy Kiernan and Niall Hughes represent the Celtic side of the divide, keeping a punchy, traditional Irish rhythm with both the banjo and guitar.

The musical freedom of Persian melodies infused with the strict, melodic form of Irish traditional sound not only create an unexplored landscape of folk but also a totally original live performance that will be sure to leave a lasting impression. Navá’s incomparable sound has recently warranted a nomination for Best Emerging Folk Artist at the RTE Radio One Folk.

During the ensemble’s performance at The Model, Navá will be performing material from their debut album ‘Tapestry,’ as well premiering new material. Although Nava’s nationwide tour will see them perform in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Clare, Mayo, and Galway, the quartet will perform at The Model for one night and one night only, so be sure to book your tickets in advance.

Navá will perform at The Model on Sat. 13 Oct., 8pm

Tickets can be purchased online or at The Model box office on 0719141405