Assistant Curator delivers a talk on Evie Hone

Recently at The Model our Assistant Curator Heike Thiele gave a fascinating talk on Irish artist Evie Hone for one of Sligo’s local schools. The school were interested in Evie Hone as they had come across her stained glass windows in their religion class.

The children were given a chance to look at her work up close and personal in our education room as her print Dominican Saint which is part of The Niland Collection was specially set up for their visit.
They also learnt about Evie Hones life and about the artists that influenced her, like the Italian artist Giotto whose frescos in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua started her interest in Religious Art.

The student’s learnt how Evie approached making art and how she would first draw preliminary sketches and try scale studies before making the finished piece. They also found out what went into the making of the stained glass windows by watching the documentary Hallowed Fire which was also set up in the education room as part of this unique experience.

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