Family Days at The Model kicks off this Sunday Feb 8

On the second Sunday of each month, from February through June, you are invited to spend enlightening afternoons at The Model. Families can join us for a tour of the current exhibit and then explore their creative side with several art activities. The program is designed to educate families about the current exhibitions and acquaint them with the contemporary art practice.

Family Days

This Sunday, Feb 8, as well as workshops on food sculpture and animations, The Model brings to you this year’s hunt for the most original new shorts from across the globe, from as far away as Japan to Russia, Australia, Europe and the United States! Featuring a selection of the best films for young audiences from around the world, for children age 3+ and up!!

Shorts for Wee Ones Age 3+, 45 mins

1.00 – 1.45 pm
All in English or dialogue free
A 45 minute extravaganza of short films featuring bouncing baby kangaroos, lightning-powered robot vacuum cleaners and a piano-playing octopus. In a Japanese bakery viewers will come across dolphin-friendly baguettes and then in a village in the middle of the African plains they will see the dramatic impact of their first ever snowfall. From various countries, these colourful stories are a magical introduction to the cinema experience., these shorts will delight children aged 3 years and up.
Check this link for a sneaky peak:

Shorts For Middle Ones Age 8+, 50 mins

2.00 – 2.50 pm
Language: English or dialogue free, except for My Mom is an Aeroplane! which is in Russian with English subtitles
For anyone over the age of eight, these short films will inform, educate and entertain with a range of stories from an imaginative history of the alphabet through to surrealist high-diving hijinks. What happens when number-crunching factory workers discover there is more to life than black, white and grey? An under-appreciated pig – with the most important job in town – makes a new friend and things change forever. A young girl, out for a walk with her grandmother, sees the world in a truly unique way in an absolutely outstanding feast of sound and colour. And how many different mothers are there in the world? How would you describe yours? One Russian boy thinks his is rather special…

Click here for a sneak preview.

Activities will run by The Model’s learning team throughout the day. Get caught up in anything ranging from making sculptures out of bread, to flippity flip books, and much more…..