‘Drawing Between’, exhibition by Hideehiko Ishibashi & Andy Parsons

Drawing Between’ -click here for more images

An exhibition of projected drawings by Hidehiko Ishibashi and Andy Parsons Thursday 23rd April and Friday 24th April 5.30 — 9.00 p.m. Wolf on Am, Wolfe Tone St Sligo

Andy Parsons writes: The next event at Wolf on arm will be ‘Drawing Between’ an exhibition of projected drawings I have been working on with my long time collaborator Hidehiko Ishibashi. The plan is a complete transformation of the space with the walls whitewashed and giant free standing screens installed to create a theatrical environment in which to project a number of the drawings using ohps. The show will be more like a screening or performance than a drawing exhibition and will continue the idea of creating accessible art events at ground level in the town centre. I am hoping that when people enter the space there is a bit of magic there for them, with the drawings, light and colour combining to create a memorable visual spectacle.

The works themselves explore Globalized culture, specifically youth culture. Why does a t-shirt in Ireland have Japanese text on it and a t- shirt in Tokyo have English text? The drawings explore how the clothes we wear, the design that surrounds us every day and the buildings we live in have similarities and differences that yield profound insights into the broadest currents of culture and history.

The other main theme in the works is the relationship we have with the natural world. The use of animals for symbolic or metaphorical purposes by may have different resonances to the artists. My recent work has for example used animals such as eagles and wolves, whose depiction has long been associated with the visual grammar of power and empire.

The exhibition is fundamentally about the act of drawing and the interaction of hand, page and materials; in this sense the show aims to swim against the tide by being unabashedly about visual poetry.

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