Don’t let this one pass you by…

…so say The Irish Times in relation to Beautiful Unit and we have to agree.

The unruly brainchild (the sort of child likely to scribble on the walls and pull out all the pots and pans to drum on them loudly) of musical magic man Brian Mooney, Beautiful Unit is made up of some astonishingly good musicians: mythical drummer Bryan O’Connell (ex Si Schroeder) and Jimmy Eadie (ex-IDIOTS and producer for Jape, David Kitt, Valerie Francis) for a start, with Mr. Mooney himself the founder of Trust me I’m a Thief and a regular live musician with Jape, David Kitt, Si Schroeder and many more too lengthy to list. And then, as if two Brian’s weren’t enough for one band, they’ve added the spectacular trumpet stylings of Brian Quinn (David Kitt) for the Sligo gig.

The music “explores the sonic possibilities of real time sound manipulation using 8 bit sampling, repetitive grooves and live music” and ranges from the melodic to the sonic – The live shows (support funded by Music Network) are a perfect fit for our New Spaces programme as they are all about playing from unusual places- mostly from the back of a van- and are enhanced by live visuals from Hector Castells. This Sligo gig is a follow up to the pop-up-gig they played on O’Connell Street as part of Culture Night on September 25th, but this time they’ll be in our ex-Pharmacy “Wolf on Arm” on Wolfetone Street in Sligo.

Wolf on Arm is perfect for visuals, as the Katie Kim videos illustrate, and this Friday (16th) we’re set for another brilliant gig from Beautiful Unit. Just an hour long the gig starts at 8.30pm and is intended as a musical taster, a short shot of new music to kick off your night. Entry is €5 but that includes a complimentary drink.

Don’t let the one pass you by…..

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