Diane Henshaw at Room


Diane Henshaw from Outland Arts will be working in Room from Tuesday 02 to Friday 05 September in the first session from Studio+.

Diane graduated with her Degree in Fine Art from the University of Ulster in Belfast in 1995 and with her Masters in Fine Art from UUB in 2000 and has lived in Fermanagh for the past 12 years.
Her work is based on a process deconstructing drawing and then from fragments reassembling it in a new way with every new work. Her work takes elements of drawing, such as the line, and subjects the to the closest of scrutiny, testing them to the limits.


The process of risk taking, exploration and experimentation are underpinned by a conviction in the power of drawing as a medium, and a determination to assert its continued relevance.

Diane will be happy to talk to visitors to the space during her time in Room next week. She will also be holding a Studio tour with tea and cakes and informal meet the artist on Saturday 06 at 3pm.