Artist Talks Archive


Did you miss an artist’s talk or an exhibition opening? Catch up on previous talks or relive the experience by visiting the Artist Talks Archive on our website where you can download and listen to artists in conversation.

Tune in to political cartoonist Nicholas Robinson at Yeats Day, or hear Susan Hiller at the opening of her first Irish solo exhibition, which is currently running here at The Model.

Also included in our archives is Arlene Mc Padden discussing her artistic practice. Arlene’s work can be seen as a metaphor for the discussion of integration and multiculturalism as a demographic model in western society. She uses classification as a form of process within the work, combining materials that highlight hybridisation.

Arlene, who was awarded the RDS Model Niland residency award in 2013 for her startling hybrid taxidermy work, will showcase a solo exhibition in the Hyde Bridge Gallery opening this Thursday August 28th at 7pm. The exhibition will run until September 7th.