Bored pre-teens at home?

The Model’s vibrant and original education programme runs into August with a slightly off the wall and dynamic workshop for pre-teens.

Introducing: Yeast, Yeats and Yoga : Creative Camp

The creative camp merges clever and cool activities such as baking bread and meditation with a bit of Yeats history and poetry! Aimed at a slightly older age bracket than last week, ‘Yeast, Yeats and Yoga focuses on innovative ways of learning to cultivate creativity, inform life choices and enrich the daily lives of young people in the ‘tween’ years.

The range of inventive activities include bread-making, drawing , creative writing, mindfulness and movement.

The workshop kicks of Tuesday August 6th and runs until Friday the 9th, daily from 11am- 3pm.

Warning: Attendees could turn into meditative bakers and poets by the end of the week!

This course is limited to 12 places so booking as soon as possible is advised.

Led by artist Alice Lyons.

50euro per child , + 45euro for an additional child.

‘Nine bread rows will they have there, a hive for the creative bee’