Behind the scenes of I Believe In You

I Believe In You

Install for Mark Clare I Believe in You is underway this week and we’re super excited about Opening Night this Saturday! Do you ever wonder what goes one “behind the scenes” of an installation? Here’s a sneak preview of the exhibition. Mark, who is artist in residence this week answers a few of my questions about his work.

EF: How long have you been working as a professional artist?
MC: I graduated from my undergraduate in 1992 and have been working as a professional artist since then.

EF: Who and what inspires you?
MC: I wouldn’t even know where to start! Meeting and interacting with people is the driving force behind what I do really.

EF: What influenced the exhibition ‘I Believe in You’?
MC: ‘I Believe in You’ is a combination of work produced over the last 7 years. Much of the work has been produced while participating on Artist residency programs both nationally and internationally. ARPs have played an important role in the development of my practice over the last twenty years.

EF: What are your impressions of The Model as an art gallery?

MC: The Model is an incredible venue. I am quite amazed at its size when you consider its location but its record speaks for itself. It has had hosted some exciting artists and offers the local community easy and more importantly free access to an incredible variety of both contemporary and historical Art work alongside a variety of other events that it programs.


Find out more about Mark’s creative practice at the opening of I Believe In You this Saturday 24th January at 5pm. From 6pm there will be a public talk with Mark Clare followed by an opening reception at 7pm.