A seminar for third level students, artists and the general public that focuses on the themes addressed in the exhibition Turbulence. The symposium will question the role art can play in influencing policy and bringing about lasting social change. Speakers Elaine Hoey, Gülsün Karamustafa and Cengiz Tekin will be joined by a human rights activist to discuss the contemporary refugee crisis. Part One.
Part Two.

This is a recording of a symposium on British Art Now, hosted at The Model, in Sligo, on the occasion of Ghosts of Other Stories, an exhibition drawn from the British Collection of contemporary art. The symposium examines key trends in British Art throughout the 90s.

Chaired by Irish academic Maeve Connolly in conversation with artists Elizabeth Price, Simon Bedwell, Stephen Sutcliffe and curator Francis McKee.

Session One.

Session Two.

Ronnie Hughes in conversation with Martin Herbert. A major touring retrospective of the work of the renowned artist, Ronnie Hughes supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, opened at The Model in Sligo on 15th April and runs until 22nd June, before moving to Limerick City Gallery of Art from June to August and the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin from September to October 2017. ‘Ronnie Hughes: Strange Attractors’ consists of a large body of the artist’s recent work, which showcases a pronouncedly idiosyncratic approach to making both paintings and drawings.

The Model is pleased to present an exhibition of newly commissioned work that marks a major turning point in the practice of Irish artist Cléa van der Grijn. Reconstructing Memory is a multifaceted experiential and textured exploration of the societal disparities in approaches to death, in both Mexican and Irish cultures. Through her artistic practice van der Grijn seeks to unravel the rational, social and emotional circumstances that are constructed in different cultural approaches to death. Film, audio, photography, sculpture, painting and installation are all sensitively utilised in this rich, beautiful and considered exhibition.


A conversation between Turner Prize winning artist Elizabeth Price and art critic Declan Long at the opening of Price’s first solo show in Ireland at The Model, Sligo. Emer McGarry, Acting Director of the Model Sligo introduces Declan Long who addresses the audience before introducing Elizabeth Price. Price takes us through her work and discusses her practice and her experience of installing the exhibition at The Model, Sligo. Following an interesting and inspiring discussion between artist and critic the audience are invited to join the discussion.


An Artist talk with artist Harun Farocki centering around his exhibition, Recognition and Tracking, that took place at The Model, Sligo. (Jul. 2, 2011 - Aug. 21, 2011)


An Artist talk with artist Tilo Shultz centering around his exhibition, Tied Up and Down, how to consider force a privilege, that took place at The Model, Sligo. (Jun. 29, 2013 - Sep. 29, 2013)

Tilo Schulz discusses the multiple strategies he uses, to create a context for his artistic practice. He examines audience engagement, citizenship and the politics of movement in the context of previous projects, namely the Secession series, the quietly provocative public art project for Manifesta 2, and his exhibition at The Model, Tied Up and Down, how to consider force a privilege.

Tilo Schulz was born in Leipzig in 1972 and is currently living in Berlin. He is a lecturer on several university art programmes in Germany and is Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig. He exhibits internationally and is equally known for his curatorial work as well as his visual arts practice.


An Artist talk with artist Nikola Röthemeyer in response to the exhibition, An Anatomical Chart of Love Pains, that took place at The Model, Sligo. (Apr. 13, 2013 - Jun. 16, 2013)

Nikola primarily focuses on the medium of drawing. Working in thematic series, she is interested in pictorial worlds, which dissolve the boundaries between objective reality and magic realism, offering reference to everyday life. The female figures within this world are often involved in ritualized occupations, acting as archaic representatives for different generations and cultures. While creating a piece of work, she goes through a complex system of working phases, including research of terminology, imagery and content, staging models in the studio. Rothemeyer's talk focuses on the themes which underpin her practice and the processes she uses in the realization of her work.


An artist talk with artist Sean Lynch in response to the exhibition, Into The light, that took place at The Model, Sligo. (2013)

Sean Lynch is primarily a visual artist, but also a curator, writer and lecturer. He is interested in issues of place, architecture and social history. His visual arts practice is diverse, encompassing sculpture, photographs, installations, video and public art projects. He is author and editor of several publications and lectures on MAVIS, MA in Visual Art Practices, IADT, Dun Laoighaire. He was commissioned by The Model to make a new work Church Without a Steeple for the exhibition Into The Light, 2013.


An artist talk with Artist Arlene McPadden who discusses her work. The talk took place at The Model, Sligo. (Apr. 2013)

“Hybridization is the ways in which forms become separated from existing practices and recombine with new forms in new practices”, (Rowe and Schelling 1991:231).
Arlene's work can be seen as a metaphor for the discussion of integration and multiculturalism as a demographic model in western society. Arlene uses classification as a form of process within her work, combining materials that highlight hybridization.


Artist Omer Fast discusses his practice in response to his exhibition, The Tunnel, that took place at The Model, Sligo. (Sep. 3, 2011 - Nov. 27, 2011)

Israeli artist Omer Fast is considered as one of the most innovative video-artists working today. Through various strategies of digital manipulation, his work draws attention to the fine line between documentary and fiction, memory, perception, and history as reflected in the present moment in time. Often shown on multiple screens, with strong audio narrative components, his video works collage footage culled from recorded interviews or from mass media, ultimately manipulating the truth index inherent to video.


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