Angelology ignites The Model

The Model was a cacophony of celestial activity last Friday for the opening of Angelology, a new exhibition by Russian artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov.

Hundreds of people attended the opening, which included a Bach violin recital by the artists’ fourteen year-old grandson, Joseph Morag and an Angel Tour of the exhibition for eight to twelve year olds on Saturday by their ten-year old granddaughter, Orliana Morag.

Open and accessible, Angelology asks us to reconsider what we do really want to leave and to produce for future generations and is drawing strong public curiosity with large crowds attending since the opening.

This project takes the theme of angels humanity’s imagination and romanticisation of angels especially  as its beginning point, and includes paintings, sculpture and mixed-media installations that fill the entire Model exhibition spaces including a large Fallen Angel, which has taken over The Model’s atrium-space.

Angelology runs at The Model until 16 Jan. 2011