WochenKlausur for Dorm

WochenKlausur , an Artist Collective from Austria, working in the field of social intervention and activism since 1993 were invited to initiate a short practical research project as part of DORM. The intention of the project was to identify local needs and deficits in Sligo which could be remedied in the short to medium term in relation to Sligo urban planning.

The artists collaborated with local academics, students, community activists and professionals in this process. In just one week, small scale but nonetheless very concrete and implementable proposals were developed, ranging from a subtitled cinema, picnic spots at Doorly Park, skate board ramps, to making the town more accessible to cyclists.

WochenKlausur, which means weeks of enclosure work for very concentrated periods of time in cities and towns throughout Europe, often up to three months. Whilst in Sligo, the artists engaged in talks, interviews, weird bus experiences, walks and lots of phone calls. The final outcomes were reviewed at a public meeting on May 5th at The Model. Representatives from local government, coucillors, the mayor, the senior town architects, Sligo Parks, The Sligo Arts Service, and the local press were all invited to attend. The findings can be viewed at WochenKlausur´s booth at the Dorm Exhibition, showing until July 4th

The research team were:
Aleksandra Tomal, Vice President of the Sligo Immigrant Organisation
Bernadette Donohoe, Interior Designer, Sligo Institute of Technology
Cliona Brady, Interior Designer, Sligo Institute of Technology
Third Year Students, Interior Architecture, Sligo Institute of Technology
Andrew Judge, Hamilton Young Architects
Séana Clarke, Architect