Welcome to The Model Shop, home of crafty goodness.

Here at The Model we like to think we are famous for a number of things:

1) Housing the Niland collection
2) Our contemporary art programme
3) Our diverse music and events calendar
4) Our international film series in partnership with the Sligo Film Society
5) Housing a café that serves the best coffee in the west
6) Remaining terribly modest at all times

But apart from our better known attributes we are also home to a smaller, more modest collection. Located just beyond the atrium by the front desk is our Model Shop, where you can purchase pieces made by local artists, writers and musicians (think Etsy but less virtual, more reality). The Model Shop boosts a variety of makers, the majority of whom hail from the Made in Sligo Craft Trail. Artisans like Matt Jones, Martina Hamilton, Ana Faye and Rachel Quinn have kindly agreed to display in our shop so as you can imagine the standard is high. But wait, we hear you cry, why does a contemporary arts centre sell work by local artisans?

Well, the answer is simple. Here at The Model we believe in supporting our local artists with just as much enthusiasm and vigour that we reserve for internationally celebrated artists. We believe in art that engages and interacts with the local community too, that’s why we launched our series “Meet the Makers.” M.T.M. is the brainchild of our front of house manager Imelda Ryan-Jones. As part of the series one of our makers from The Model Shop sets up a mini-studio in the atrium every Saturday at 3pm to demonstrate how they make their work. So you, the public, have a chance to interact with a real live artist in their natural habitat. There are only three artists left on the series so make sure to stop by. Wood turner Colm Brennan, shrawl maker Nichola Mac Evilly and artist Leonora Neary are lined up to show us all how their work comes to life.

The Model Shop also boosts a fine selection of art books. Whether its catalogues, specialist books on Yeats or science fiction anthologies, The Model Shop has something to please even the most obscure of tastes. We also sell postcards of J.B. Yeats paintings ready and waiting to be siphoned off as last minute father’s day gifts. So fret no more about finding the perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, house-warmings or holidays, The Model Shop has something for everyone.

Buy local-Support Local