Updates from the Trades Club Revival

Artist Seamus Nolan has been keeping everyone up to date on the developments at The Trades Club Revival. We’ll be uploading his updates here every week. The Trades Club operated from 1893 to 2007, and has since fell into disrepair. A major refurbishment plan is underway, a new stairs, electrical fittings and some structural improvements have been completed so far.

Progress on the revival of the Trades Club is going well, there has been a huge interest in the project and a lively attendance to the meetings held so far. The meetings have led to discussions around the direction of the club, issues around licensing, events, membership and even whether a working bar is feasible way forward.

Ideas as to how the club might operate, the kind of events taking place and the overall ethos are being fleshed out by all who wish to contribute.

The genuine affection for the Trades Club and the kind of social space it is renowned to have been, the possibility for late night sessions, the camaraderie and respect shown to members and visitors, and the sense of community seems to be the driving force for those who would like to see the club reopened again, returning the club to its glory days as a self determined a-political space for people and culture to thrive where diversity is celebrated and all are equal

We are making a call out to those who have some free time, possibly some design or diy experience, events management, club or bar experience etc to get in contact and help kick start the Trades Club revival.

A number of works have been completed and others are in the pipeline, the license is being looked into, a number of funding opportunities are being sought, design and building days have been organised where those with some free time can put in an hour or two in the cleaning and refurbishment of the space, and the possibility of benefit gigs and events to fund the revival all are being looked at.

The next meeting will take place tonight(Tuesday 3rd November) at 8pm in the Trades Club itself on Castle Street. It will have an actual agenda and should last about 45 minutes after which there is an opportunity to hang on and have a coffee and continue the conversations.

There will be someone in the building from 10 to 6 every Tuesday and Wednesday, please feel free to drop in.

Join the Facebook fanpage for the Trades Club Revival, we’re already getting a lot of great response. If you have any stories, photos or memorabilia that you would like to share with the Club, please get in contact. An exhibition celebrating the history of the Club will take place once refurbishment is complete.