Update on The Big Art Project

the BIG Art Project- Our little friends are making their way through town to The Mall for Culture Night

Pictured above are some of the performers from the BIG Art Project en route through Sligo town to The Model building at the Mall. They have told us they are quite excited about meeting all the children on Culture Night Sligo and have been very busy preparing for their appearance.

As we already blogged The Model are currently working on a regeneration project with a group of young children from Cranmore, in partnership with the Cranmore Regeneration Project and the fruits of this will be on display next Friday 25th September.

The project is an opportunity for The Model to engage children from the area in an exciting public artwork. The work will be based around the hoarding around the perimeter of The Model re-development site. Giving the children a sense of ownership is an important aspect of the art project, particularly at a time in their lives, when their community is experiencing profound change. A documentary by David Parle on the process of the project will be screened in Cranmore on the night.

The children and the artists visited The Model hoarding on their first day to see what was being asked of them and the workshops were carried out in the Wolf on Arm studio on Wolfe Tone St. Parents and children are more than welcome to attend the BIG Art Project next week.


Culture Night Sligo Friday Sept 25th

Afternoon: Pop and cake party for the children at Resource House Project, Cranmore. The children and their families will look at the film of the story of the project.

Evening-6-8pm: The group will meet at the hoarding that evening and join the public at The BIG Art Project at The Model building at the Mall.

Children from Resource House Project Cranmore and supported by Cranmore Regeneration Project

More information on the project available here