Update from the Trades Club Revival

The much-anticipated revival of Sligo Trades Club is now underway. Renovation work, which will see this once vibrant centre for community in Sligo a step closer to reopening, is almost complete. In recent weeks a new stairs has been installed and vital plumbing, electrical and carpentry work are now nearing completion.

Sligo Trades Club was an enormously successful members club, which ran as a centre for community in Sligo town between 1893 – 2007. At its height the club was unique in that it attracted people of all ages and backgrounds to come together – providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, music, poetry, song and dance. The Trades Club has been badly missed in the town in the past two years and this is evidenced by the 487 fans the revival project has attracted on its Facebook page, and by the attendance at public meetings about the club’s future over the past few weeks.

The positive response from the local community has been overwhelming. So far several people have generously contributed time and labour and great headway has been made in terms of preparation, painting, and general improvements.

Many more people have offered much needed advice on the bar and services aspect of running a club as well as plumbing, furniture design and the improvement of the yard. In addition the project has received generous donations of glassware and furniture from a local bar. In order for the club to fully reopen its doors as the kind of centre for the exchange of ideas, music and debate that it once was, further help and support is needed from members of the public.

Support is welcome in the form of skilled and unskilled labour, professional advice and design ideas. The club also needs equipment — sanitary ware, tiles, building materials and a bar top all need to be sourced. Input, advice and donations from members of the public are very welcome. In order to fund the further works that will see the club up and running once more a number of events are being organised for the Christmas period. The next public meeting will be held in the club on 24 November. More updates here>