Update from the College Parties at Reverse Pedagogy

As we already blogged, the schools programme took place at the Reverse Pedagogy show over the past few weeks. If you would like to see what they have been up to drop into the Model Satellite on Castle Street. Reverse Pedagogy closes on November 22nd.

Here is an update from some of the people involved in running the parties;

Artist Naomi Draper describes her expereince from thsi week’s ‘Collage Parties’

“The space has quite literally burst into colour!! Hundreds of young people visit the gallery last week, participating in a game that worked its way through three gallery spaces, the children embraced the challenge, jumping right in! They worked in groups, against the clock, playing with ideas, colours and textures, and applied them to the giant games board.

The time flew past and a great piece of work was made that should be examined closely. The range of ages made this a really interesting and exciting project to work on!!”

Irene Moloney, volunteer at the Collage Parties offered her journal of the activities;

Frenetic is a word that comes to mind. The younger children seemed to really enjoy the play with materials and the idea that they were contributing to a larger art work that would be seen by others. The older secondary school boys were engaged differently and like most teenage boys were inclined towards, what some in society might consider, the inappropriate and risque in the choice of imagery and text chosen. Over all I personally found the experience a positive one and the creative engagement with so many young people was challenging, hectic and enjoyable. I felt overall it was a success and all involved seemed to bet something out of it. Would I be willing to participate as a volunteer again in the future? The answer has to be yes

Facilitator Sophie Murray describes what she thought of the collage party;

As hectic as it was I found the week to be enjoyable, what I found most interesting was usually its the grown ups that teach the children but in my case it was the other way round. As adults we tend to think to much about things like “how will it look” or “I dont want to mess it up” but the kids just went for it. Their marks were delibrate but fun and it gave me some insight

on how I should look at my own way of working.

More pics here>