Twin Jesus Christs unvelled

One of Sang-Kyoon Noh’s Twin Jesus Christs

Following a delivery on Wednesday that took 5 men and 2 hours to complete, the Twin Jesus Christs, some 9-feet tall per statue, were placed in the Model Satellite on Castle Street in preparation for Medium Religion. I was curious to see inside the packaging though as Emer and Seamus had both seen the works before while they were on display in ZKM and said how terrific they were. So off I went between showers on Thursday to see them unwrapped and standing in all their sequined glory in the Window of the Satellite.

Viewed through the doors on Castle Street

Both Christs are covered in sequins that reflect the light wonderfully. One is a pink hue, the other silver. Inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, they are similar in form and although significantly smaller in size, still tower over normal human height.

There are lots more pictures that you can see in a slide show on flickr (can’t seem to embed it in wordpress without turning it into a videopod) or you can come and see them in person at the Exhibition opening in Castle House on May 23rd from 7pm, and then until Sunday 16th August.