Touch the Sky update

In late November 2009, Touch the Sky performance group invited the Northern Irish arts and disability group Stravaganza to a collage party in late November, hosted at the Reverse Pedagogy exhibition, The Model Satellite. Touch The Sky is a unique collaboration between The Model and RehabCare Sligo, and are currently engaging in a cross-border arts initiative under the Peace III funding programme. The party was facilitated by artists Mark Garry and Karl Burke.

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Last Autumn Touch the Sky participated in a series of workshops which focused the group on their understanding of Northern Ireland, past and present. Together with Artistic Director Declan Drohon, they focused on what the term ‘cross border’ meant to them , and how they could possibl interpret their ideas through performance. These workshops were planned as a precursor to the first corss border collage party, to be held in November at The Model Satellite with the Stravaganza arts group from Derry.

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