Touch the Sky Sligo meet Lime Pie Belfast

Touch the Sky performance group came together four years ago when The Model and Rehabcare Sligo began working together.With a number of performances under their belt including The Cairde Festival 2009 the company members are committed to developing their skills and capabilities to the level where they can challenge public perception.

Touch the Sky invited Limepie Theater group to participate in a collage party in April. Limepie are a deaf artist initiative established in 2009.They are an independent emerging group of artists based in Belfast.Limepie were invited to participate in a series of collage parties in 2010, which will all be mediated through a BSL, British Sign Language interpreter.The process of working through sign language is a new departure for Touch The Sky.

Declan Drohan, Artistic Director TTS describes how their day unfolded.

This six minute montage captures a first encounter between Limepie Theater group and Touch the Sky Performance Group.From a facilitator’s perspective, there is a wonderful and productive tension between Limepie’s wildly expressive, emotive, physical style and Touch the Sky’s more narrative focused, ensemble approach.