The Model Talk Series: Tilo Schulz

Weds Jul. 24 at 2pm

The Space Between- Art, Audience, Poetry and Metaphor

‘Monthly talks at The Model where artists in residence, writers, curators or individuals of varied backgrounds collaborating with The Model deliver engaged and informal discussions.’

Tilo Schulz discusses the multiple strategies he uses, to create a context for his artistic practice. He will examine audience engagement, citizenship and the politics of movement in the context of previous projects, namely the Secession series, the quietly provocative public art project for Manifesta 2, and his current exhibition at The Model, Tied Up and Down, how to consider force a privilege.

Based in Berlin, Schulz is known for his conceptual installations, which often take on socio-political histories (such as the Cold War or Iron Curtain politics) and their respective aesthetic “memories,” which the artist re-casts into a contemporary context. He has coined the term “social formalism” for his style of art production and engagement with aesthetics. Schulz is a respected curator and designer. His project at The Model’ results from his time in residence at The Model and is a response to the Sligo urban area and landscape. Tilo’s sculpture has been afloat on the Garvogue River for the last month. Passengers by have been left guessing where it had come from and to whom it belonged.

Recommended on RTE Radio 1’s Arena show last week, his talk will shine more light on this mysterious boat and his work in general.

Funding provided by the Arts Council Ireland, Sligo County Council, Goethe Institut Irland, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen.