The Model seeks joggers, communities and cat lovers

Three artist groups will work with the Sligo public in the lead up to The Model’s re-opening exhibition; Dorm. “The artists’ projects range from the humorous to the political, and will involve people of all backgrounds to participate”, announced The Model Director Seamus Kealy.

French artist Thierry Geoffroy will be arranging a series of events he calls critical runs in Sligo, from his home in Denmark. People are invited to run in three different events �€� organised so that political issues are discussed while jogging.

These three runs will happen on the 28th and 29th of April and will take place in the centre of Sligo town. Thierry is particularly looking for artists of any discipline, and people aged 50+ for two of the runs, but everyone is welcome for the third. The runs have taken place all over the world from the Brooklyn Bridge to Athens, Greece and are a great opportunity to meet new people, get issues off your chest and contribute to an art project while you’re on the run.

From Austria, the collective Wochenklausur is looking to engage local communities and Sligo politicians to see where Sligo can use some improvement. Every society has its socio-economic bumps, and Wochenklausur are asking Sligo people themselves what is most needed to improve our communities. The artists will then arrange an office in The Model galleries and turn their art project into a social project throughout Dorm. Community groups have now been contacted, and people are welcome to approach the artists to find out more after the exhibition opens.

Fastwurms Spotti Fang
Then from Canada, the duo Fastwürms (who are practicing witches) are looking for the local cat community to help produce an art project that is between The Model, people’s homes and the spaces that cats inhabit. Check out the Sligo Cats facebook page, you may need a while to oooh and ahh at all the cat pictures!

All three projects are part of the large-scale, re-opening project Dorm, an exhibition that will see over twenty artists collectives from around Ireland the world descending on Sligo at one time. The Model will re-open to the public on Saturday 1st May with this exhibition of twenty-two artist collectives. The building will be filled with exhibitions, concerts, screenings and performances all aimed at the social imagination.