The Model reopens 3rd December

Reopening with a new exhibition of Mokuhanga prints by members of Graphic Studio Dublin and invited artists, curated by Kate MacDonagh. 

We are delighted to open our doors to the public once more from Thursday 3rd December. Locals who missed the chance to see Jack B Yeats; A Thought of Sligo will be delighted to hear the show will continue until December 18th. A new exhibition of Mokuhanga prints by members of Graphic Studio Dublin and invited artists will also open. This unique exhibition, focused around the traditional Japanese printmaking technique of Mokuhanga, is curated by Sligo-born visual artist and print-maker, Kate MacDonagh. 

Kanreki is one of several exhibitions planned to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Graphic Studio Dublin, and brings together the creative works of the studio’s own resident members as well as six invited guest artists. Kan means return or cycle and reki represents calendar. Kanreki is a celebration of being reborn and can signify a new beginning. In Japan, when someone turns sixty, they don red robes to mark the beginning of a new life cycle. This anniversary is especially significant as ‘60’ is a magical number in Japanese culture. 

Mokuhanga is an environmentally friendly process that uses only natural materials: wood, watercolour, washi (Japanese handmade paper) and a baren (a handheld tool made from bamboo which eliminates the need of a printing press). The artists in this exhibition have studied traditional Mokuhanga printmaking – adapting it to their own practice using contemporary innovations. 

Opening hours are 12 – 4pm Thursday to Saturday until Sat. 19th Dec. Entry is via the entrance on The Mall only. There is no need to book a ticket, staff will take some details from visitors on entry. There is a one-way system in operation throughout the building and exit is onto Connaughton Road. The Model Café remains closed until the new year.