The Model at Temple House Festival this Weekend

As I drove out to Temple House this morning, I could have been sure I saw 10,000 eagles flying over Temple House.

Or perhaps the journey there reminds me of the artist Jaki Irvine’s serene project “In a World Like This”, a beautiful film installation screened at The Model in 2007, based on Irvine’s many visits to the Eagle’s Flying Sanctuary in Ballymote.

And now I find myself heading in that direction again, except the sanctuary I am heading towards is not so majestic, as I find myself following a trail of mud along a forest path.

The art trail at Temple House is the site of two Model projects, DORM at the sanctuary tent along the art trail and SoundTrack for a Day, a temporary orchestral performance, led by sound artist Karl Burke.

Don’t miss DORM at the sanctuary, where you can chill out all weekend on lounge areas created out of balloons and cardboard. Not far along the trail, you can listen to the forest sounds of SoundTrack for a Day, which will take place on Saturday at 2 pm and again at 3 pm near the rose garden.

(Blogpost by Marie-Louise, our Education Co-Ordinator)