The British Guide to Showing Off

A blog by Cathy Quinlan, front of house assistant and film fan

I have always been a fan dressing up and letting my hair down. There is nothing better than letting the constraints and restrictions of the modern world slip away, even if it is for a brief period of time. That is what life is all about. Taking your life in your hands and telling the world, I’m here and I’m not embarrassed to be me!

Of course there are days where this just isn’t as possible a mindset! But I plan to watch a movie called “The British Guide To Showing Off” coming soon to the Model. It is a story about a British Artist called Andrew Logan and his outrageous costume pageant: The Alternative Miss World Show.

Logan is “ringmaster” for the event and has said it to be his most important artwork of living sculpture since starting the pageant in 1972. The show is not about beauty but more about transformation, exploration and acceptance. The film is documentary style featuring live and archive footage as well as occasional animation and follows the events leading up to and including the 2009 show.

It is a film about the extrovert in all of us. About the people who let that extrovert out to have fun and throw caution to the wind. I personally love that idea.

As Logan states himself,
“It’s about creative free-reign, about the ordinary becoming extraordinary.”

The film is being screening at The Model Cinema from February .