The Big Draw: Taking Small Steps in Big Spaces

We are delighted to announce The Big Draw, a new art and play workshop for parents and toddlers, which encourages exploration, fun and discovery, starting at The Model on 14 Oct. This is our first venture into the world of early learning and it is with great excitement we launch this programme.

Because toddler development is so focused on sensory and physical learning, this is an opportunity to engage your child in a world of paint, clay, pastels and a whole range of art-making materials. We will encourage both adult and child to crawl through spaces, taking a crayon or paint for a walk in an upside down, topsy-turvy world.

So forget the usual chairs and table top arrangement, there will not be a single upright one to be found. Enter into the world of colour, where both parents and children pile paint on surfaces, using sponges, fingers and paint brushes.

Texture will also play an important role in this workshop, as children are encouraged to find feathers, silk and other sensory materials hidden in special spaces in the education studio. This will be an imaginative workshop, where children will be invited to thoroughly explore the materials, so don’t be shy of getting messy.

The Big Draw is for 2-4 year olds and takes place on Thursdays at 11am, starting 14 Oct.

Booking is essential: or 071-914 1405