[Studio+]Let’s talk about Art


As part of Studio+, artist Hari MacMillan was artist-in-residence at The Model last week. Whilst in the Studio+ open studio, the artist listened to Cyndi Lauper’s track Time after Time, whilst cutting out backs and fronts of Time magazine, which made for interesting and quirky collages, bringing together incongruous subjects in the one image – such as President Putin and
former Spice girl Victoria Beckham – who accidently collide on the same collaged image – or, as the artist said – is it ever really an accident?

Studio Plus

After a few days of art-making in The Model’s open studio, on Thursday Hari MacMillan invited the public and local students to a talk where she discussed the many layers to her practice. The slowed down pace of the talk, aided by tea and cakes from The Model cafe provided an informal space for both artist and participants to think and talk about art.

Studio+ is funded by Co-operation with Northern Ireland Funding Scheme.