Special Jack B. Yeats talk this weekend with Dermot Healy and Sean Sweeny

Our programme of exciting talks for The Ruby Blue Social Club educational programme for over 55s and friends, continues this month with a feast of Yeats’ events.

To celebrate Bealtaine; the month that celebrates creativity in older people, this Saturday 07 May at 1pm, writer Dermot Healy and artist Seán McSweeney will have a conversation about Jack B. Yeats: on his painting life and also on his lesser-known craft, his writings.

This is a free event; just come to The Model reception at 1pm.

On Thurs. 19 May at 11am we have a talk from Stella Mews at 11am about The Niland Collection, with Jack B. Yeats paintings as a backdrop to this talk. Full info here