Soundtrack to an Exhibition – A Special Playlist to Elizabeth Price

The Elizabeth Price exhibition draws to a close very soon, on the 28th of August, no less. For your listening pleasure, Edel Doherty (primarily) and Rebecca Kennedy (a little) have composed a playlist to accompany the exhibition. In a fitting homage to Price’s artistic process, the selected tracks have been painstakingly hunted down from the furthest corners of YouTube.

When selecting these tracks we delved into Price’s past as a member of the 80’s twee-pop band Tallulah Gosh. Of course, the best of the bands tracks are included on the playlist. Price, who sang vocals and played guitar in the notorious band, discussed her time in the music industry with Declan long at the launch of the exhibition. You may have a listen to said talk by clicking the link below.

The playlist begins with the three tracks that Price used in her films – Shangri La’s ‘Out on the Streets’ (The Woolworths Choir of 1979), Crystal Gayle ‘Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue’ (K) and A-ha ‘Take On Me’ (User Group Disco) which launches us into such musical territories as twee-pop, post-punk, garage-rock and electronica.